LED Studio RPL 900B

LED Studio Light Series reflecta RPL 600B, 900B und 1200B-VCT with LED Light Source for better exposures during unfavorable lighting conditions. The 600, 900 or 1200 dimmable LED’s (equivalent to 72Watt) allows a shadow free and homogeneous Illumination. The included Filters enable different Colour Temperatures from 3.200K to 5.600K. The model RPL 1200B-VCT includes the stepless Colour Temperature Control. The RPL Studio Series can be operated with V-Lock Li-Ion Batteries as e.g. Sony or by external DC Power and therefore universal useable. All LED Studio Lights are well fitted for outdoor using.

Gamintojas: REFLECTA
Mato vienetas: VNT
Kaina: 655.12 EUR be PVM