LED Studio Light RPL 306 Studiokit

The new LED Studio Light Kit reflecta RPL 306 with LED Light Source ensure perfect shootings at unfavorable light conditions. The 306 dimmable LED lights excel with a lower power consumption and longer service life compared to conventional lights. The stepless light power control provides for a perfect homogeneous lighting. Power for the lights is supplied externally via a power adapter. Packed in a sturdy carrying bag the RPL 306 StudioKit includes: 2 RPL 306 Light panel with tripod each, transparent and yellow filters and power adapter each. Unpack, set up and take pictures – that’s what the new RPL 306 StudioKit from reflecta stands for. Last but not least the RPL 306 StudioKit convinces any photographer with a very good price/performance ratio.

Gamintojas: REFLECTA
Mato vienetas: VNT
Kaina: 362.20 EUR be PVM