reflecta LED RPL 21 PhoneTab-Light

Modern LED Video Light reflecta RPL 21 Phone-TabLight with LED Light Source for better exposures – ideal for TO GO – during unfavorable lightning conditions. 21 powerful LED’s and a Colour Temperature of 6.500K to 6.000K allows a homogeneous Illumination. By the 3.5mm Ear-Jack-Plug the reflecta RPL 21 can be connected very fast and uncomplicated to any Smartphone and Tablet PC using a 3.5mm Ear-Jack-Socket. The RPL 21 Phone-TabLight is operated by an internal Li-Ion Battery and can be simply and fast charged by using the included USB Adapter on any Notebook or via a USB Power Adapter Plug (not included).

Gamintojas: REFLECTA
Mato vienetas: VNT
Kaina: 21.84 EUR be PVM