reflecta LED video light RRL 49 Makro

Modern LED Video Light reflecta RRL 49 Makro with LED Light Source for better exposures – ideal for MACRO Photographic – during unfavorable lighting conditions. 49 dimmable LED’s (equivalent to 3,4 Watt) and Colour Temperatures of 6.500K to 5.900K allows a shadow free and homogeneous Illumination. The included Thread-Adapter-Rings enable the using of RRL 49 Makro in combination with Lenses of 49, 52, 55, 58, 62 und 67mm Filter diameter. The RRL 49 Makro can be operated by AA Batteries or by external Power Supply and therefore universal useable.

Gamintojas: REFLECTA
Modelis: RRL 49
Mato vienetas: VNT
Kaina: 71.16 EUR be PVM